Listen to samples of CB Hill Guitars


All guitar sounds on "Kid" were made with the CB Hill Baritone 12 Speedster:

Here are some cool videos of CB Hill Guitars in action

Ron Eschete loves Latin jazz music. Ron also loves his new C.B. Hill 7-string archtop guitar. Check out both in this cool jazz video.

Mr. Dave Murdy playing an improvisation on "Days of Wine and Roses" on his CB Hill Clipper archtop. Note his beautiful trans green Speedster on the wall behind him. Great playing Dave!

And here's Dave's inventive arrangement of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," his CB Hill Clipper archtop features a Kent Armstrong mini HB and an L.R.Baggs piezo. Wow, great arrangement!

Blair's West featuring Beau Hendrich on one of his CB Hill Speedsters. Check out the sweet solo at 1:10!

Here's Beau with Clayton Anderson. Check out his solo at 2:26!

Here's Jonathan Blake Salazar shredding some Hendrix on his Speedster.

An excerpt of a Jonathan Blake Salazar Speedster solo at The Slidebar in Fullerton.